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A coworker story

My cw came into my office maybe two weeks ago asking where we got my e-ring.  So I showed him the website and we started looking at rings.  He came back a couple of days later to look some more. So the other day, I ask him how the ring shopping is going.  He says, "Well, ya know, I want to do it and everything, but let me ask you a question:  so I buy the ring, pay for the wedding, and then have to pay for everything for her for the rest of our lives?"  I said, "Yeah, sweet deal, right?" thinking he was kidding.He goes on to tell me the GF has no savings, $1500 in cc debt, and despite this is planning a trip to Costa Rica to visit a friend (in other words, things I have no business knowing).  I told him if that's how he feels about it whyTF is he even thinking about getting engaged and maybe he should, oh I don't know, TALK TO HIS GF ABOUT IT!  What a damn moron.   I know he is only doing it because he's about to be 31 and thinks it's time and is what he "should" do...and you know that is a great foundation for a marriage! 

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    wow, he isn't too bright is he?
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    I can't wait for the "im getting a divorce" post in 5 years or so because your husbands were fed up with your disgusting chair asses from playing on the knot all day and getting fired 4-5 times for not doing any work. you guys are all winners!! ~ Laur929
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    Talk about oversharing...
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