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yesterday's horrible commute home

this was insanity.  i've never witnessed anything like this.two young black teenagers got on the train, and they had a radio with them.  they were listening to music, but i could hardly hear it in the crowded train car.the older white guy in front of us went bananas.  absolutely, totally, bernie goetz insane.he was screaming down the length of the car, "turn that $#!+ off.  turn that off.  that is what ipods are for."and then he went to "go back to the hood.  go back to the hood."  and then "you want to fight?  bring it."yes, this dude was going to fight two 110 lb girls.  well, i guess if you're going to pick a fight, you might as well pick a fight you know you can win."the entire car turned to him and was all "HEY!" when he said, "go back to the hood."  i've never seen so many heads snap at once.  it was like a busby berkeley move.thank goodness he got off at the next stop and RAN up the stairs.  someone was going to open the back door and shove him onto the tracks.

Re: yesterday's horrible commute home

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