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Did we discuss the office?

WTF is wrong with the show this season? I would assume new writers, except that the cast ARE the writers. The only thing I laughed at last night was Ryan saying "that's not the current look for vampires" to Creed.

Re: Did we discuss the office?

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    Dwight's monologue about his enemy of his enemy ebing his friend was kind of funny...but I like Dwight.
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    I cracked up at Michael's d1ck in a box costume.  Just not what I was expecting to see, I guess.  And Darrell made me laugh with his commentary, too.  IDK. I'm laughing at it a lot, maybe because I'm overtired or because it's just about the only TV I watch anymore.  I do think the koi pond thing was stupid. What was Jim supposed to do, exactly?  We thought he had pushed him in until we watched it in slow-mo.  That would have been funnier.

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    Agreed, if it wasn't sandwiched in with Community and 30 Rock, I think I would have given up on The Office. Really they should move Community and 30 Rock to the 7 pm time slot, then I could easily watch those shows and Fringe.
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    I agree.  This season has really let me down.I thought the funniest part was Michael pretending to hang himself in his d!ck in a box costume.
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