Wedding Woes

Oh, how I wish my phone had a zoom.

Because I saw several slutty 12-y-olds out with their mothers at Boo at the Zoo. Seriously - slutty Dorothys, slutty pirates, slutty witches, all tugging on their too-short skirts and getting candy with mom and siblings. Awful.We also saw a whole crew dressed up as the Wizard of Oz - Dorothy, Toto, Tin Man, Lion, Scarecrow, Glinda, the witch, and even the house! There was a vending machine - very clever - several Trekkies, and two kids as equestrians - complete with horses attached to their lower ends. I only saw one Michael Jackson, and he wasn't very good. There were tons of Optimus Primes, but only one Megatron (the brother of an Optimus). We were going through the bird exhibit when a woman stopped us and told Bacon her costume was awesome, and she'd been waiting all day to see a girl Transformer. Oh, and we saw a Flo, too! She had a little scanner and a Progressive box and everything. We didn't get as many t-o-ters this year as last, probably because it was a Saturday, so I'm sure people had parties or did the zoo thing and whatnot. We didn't dress up, in the end - it was just too much effort with too little time, so we just went in black and orange.
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