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I had the weirdest dream last night

I dreamed I obtained (somehow, legally) a house in the middle of the woods. It needed a lot of repairs and there was a lot of good wood and iron already in/around the house. So, first I closed off the basement, because one wall was exposed to the elements. Then I used the iron to make two walls, on either side of the staircase. They rooms that were formed looked like dungeons, complete with a big iron lock and skeleton key. Except they were bedrooms and even had bathrooms. Then when you went upstairs there was a cubby hole you had to crawl through, which lead to several more bedrooms / kitchen / bathrooms etc. So first it was just me and FI living there. Then Jeff Goldbloom came to live there.Then the freaking Ying Yang Twins came to live there. Except they were super young, like 9. So, the Ying Yang twins thought the rooms downstairs were cool, so they wanted to live down there, and Jeff Goldbloom just walked around making smartass comments about everything. It was very very strange.

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