Wedding Woes

I'm a bad wife

This Saturday is our 17 year anniversary.  I've bought him nothing,  not even a card.  I'm sure he hasn't either. His family all has plans so we have no sitters.  Can't exactly have a romantic dinner with two toddlers at the table.I'm just grumbling.

Re: I'm a bad wife

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    Tuesday is my 25th and there is no way for us to do anything either. His stupid temp job has him working from fri. thru next wed. 12 hours each day,it sure does suck. I wanted to have a weekend trip or something but thats out!
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    Busy, you haven't been married for 17 years. Date-a-versaries don't count anymore.
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    We celebrate the date we had our first kiss.  Our wedding date isn't really senimental for us.  We would have gotten married on that date if it was possible.
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