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Obama's across the street...

... from my office.  (I don't get to say that as much as Ww and Hmo.)

Thankfully, I worked a short day today and got to avoid all of the street closures and other drama.  I did get to see some secret service agents and 5 bomb sniffing dogs (I presume). 

I was actually going to attend the event before I realized it was on a Wednesday when DH had a conflict and I had no babysitter. 


Re: Obama's across the street...

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    That's cool. Believe it or not, I think DC folks still walk by the White House and squee about him being in there. Don't believe the jaded exterior of the city.

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    hmonkeyhmonkey member
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    i really wish that the us followed the uk model, and would only fly the flag when the president is in residence.  

    mrs. o's garden is semi-visible from the street, and i always wonder if i'm going to see some secret service dude walking bo around the lawn, with another dude behind him with the scoop.
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    zsazsa-stlzsazsa-stl member
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    I thought he was in St. Chuck today.

    I just a friendly gal looking for options.

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