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- i would never think to try my month board because all of y'all have me convinced they are all a bunch of crazies over there.

- i had my annual today. i was not looking forward to it. it was not as bad as i thought. i had to explain everything though, and that is never fun. i ate my feelings afterwards at whole foods.

- i can't watch intervention. i think it would make me want to do drugs. heroin seems like it is fun for a minute.

- i always lose jewelry when we move, too.

- y'all with your BF live in a different world than I do.

- I have never cheated on H. He has never cheated on me. I have been cheated on in the past, and it is not fun. I'm a big fan of honesty and if you want to bone other chicks, just tell me.

Re: catching up/things/randoms

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    I was cheated on by a high school boyfriend, but I doubt that counts.  Especially since I didn't really even like the guy.
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    I was cheated on twice.
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    never been cheated on.  did the cheating once (okay, a few times but with the same dude).
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    I was only cheated on by BFs...and only ex-ass-ferret and that was 'it's complicated' so he's not fully on the hoook for the cheaty--just the ass-ferret-y-ness.
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    I was the other woman one time - - unbeknownst to me.   Old BF had a serious relationship going on and would use me for sex when he came back home to visit.  I had no clue until I found out he was going to be a father.
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    [QUOTE]- - y'all with your BF live in a different world than I do.
    Posted by MinM[/QUOTE]
    Amen sister!
    That goes for "bestie(s)" too.
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