Wedding Woes


I was out running some errands this morning and walked past two women who each had a six-seat stroller full of kids. One woman was sitting on a bench talking to the kids, and the other was... *snort*

She had a giant bottle of bubbles. She was taking the wand and, instead of blowing it and making bubbles, was FLICKING it at the kids.

She was circling the strollers and was like, "WEEEEEEE!" *flick flick flick*

The kids were all squinting because *adurr* they had soap all over them and in their eyes. But the lady was all, "ISN'T THIS FUN!!?!?!?" *flick flick flick*

Maybe she thought the wand was really a magic wand or something. I was waiting for her to say, "AVADA KEDAVRA!" and be all disappointed that they were still there.
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