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Nerves, Stress, School, Budget....

Thanks for reading this! I am totally stressed out right now. Our first date we chose was August 31, 2012 (i'm big on numbers and i love this date). We were going to exchange vows in the park where we got engaged, then on to his parent's backyard for a very small (40 ppl) reception. I am planning on sewing my wedding dress. I work part time and go to school full time, year round. My FI and I got engaged mid March, 9 days after we started dating, and I broke up with my ex. My FI and I dated about 7 years ago, and we broke up due to his bullheadedness and my need to grow up. Well, I have absolutely NO doubts that this is the man for me. I've known it for 10 years. It just wasn't time. Ok: so here's where my stress comes in: 1) My "Friends" all abandoned me when I broke up with my ex. who should be my bridal party? my sister, to whom I'm closest.... lives 1200 miles away, and hasn't even said if she can make it. I literally have no one close to me emotionally or physically anymore. 2) The ceremony: I have no problem speaking in front of thousands of people for business or school purposes. But i am scared to death of exchanging vows in front of people. I don't want to forget what im supposed to say, or to freeze up, or to start balling uncontrollably.  and 3) the park that we want to exchange vows at does have a shelter, but we'd have to rent it for the day... and if we want to provide chairs for people during the short ceremony we'd have to put them up and take them down and pay for those extra chairs. so this has all led me to saying F* it and lets' elope. But i want a pretty wedding and a special day and all that. Any thoughts??? Thank you!!!

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    Sounds like you already have a full plate.  I would make a list of the pros and cons of having a "traditional" wedding and eloping.  Once you elope you can't really go back and have your dream wedding.  Have you thought about maybe making things easier by going out and buying your dress instead of making it? That's going to add a lot of stress. 
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