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I'm getting a new washer today

Well, I'm purchasing it today; it will be delivered tomorrow.

Ours stopped agitating so DH tried to figure out what was wrong with it.  He couldn't fix it and we called a repairman.  They want $50 just to come to the house.

We decided not to pursue having it fixed.  It's more than 10 years old and we didn't want to put money into it.  (Side note - my mom scolded me for assuming a 10 year old washing machine was getting close to the end of it's life cycle.  Her set is older than that and is the most wonderful set of machines ever made.)

We picked it out last night and found out it goes on sale today as part of a pre-Black Friday sale so we're going back today to buy it.  Did I mention it's much bigger than the one I have? 

I had dreams about using it last night - that's how excited I am.

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