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I love these

I love phone conversations where I know they're full of it and they're trying to put one over on me.

Jack:  How are you today?
0face-Good, what can I do for you?
Jack: This is Jack.  I need to get in touch with the shop manager.
0face-We don't have one.
Jack: Perhaps the person who takes care of shop maintenance? 
0face-We don't have one.
Jack:  Well I'm returning a phone call and I need to talk to that person.
0face-What is their name?
Jack: Do you work there?
0face-Well I'm HERE, aren't I?
Jack: Why are you getting smart with me?
0face-Cause you're not giving me any info to work with!


Love it.

Re: I love these

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    What an idiot. I hate shady people who want  to sell you discount printers. I'm assuming that's what the phone call was about.

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    Nah.  They want to sell us anything for any price from a company OVER the phone.  NO.  We don't buy anything over the phone.

    I wish I would have asked if his last name was ass or mehoff.  That would have been teh ossum.
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    hmonkeyhmonkey member
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    i love it when people say, "i'm looking for X."  you tell them you don't have X, you have Y, which is similar.  then they get all hissy, "NO I AM LOOKING FOR X." 

    i just said i don't have it.  do you want me to go to my workshop in the garage and make you one? 
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    I love how the knot said that this post had 28 replies, and it only has five.
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    HinajHinaj member
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    Add to that,  when Jack starts accusing of lying to him.  He's there isn't he and you are just not passing my phone I care...How many different ways can I tell you that no one wants to talk to you, care for what you are selling and subscribe to so and so stuff. 

    Confession, sometimes they ask for me and I tell them she no longer works here!!
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