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Not SS related...Did you see this?

The FDA rejected Avastin for the treatment of metastacized breast cancer.  Anna was on Avastin for the last ~year-year and a half of her life.  I knew kind of knew it was coming because I heard about the FDA investigation into it shortly after her death. 

IDK, it just makes me sad and wonder what might have been.  But at least they tried, you know?  Who knows what the alternative would have been if they hadn't used Avastin? 

Anyway, sorry to be a Debbie Downer.  :-/

Re: Not SS related...Did you see this?

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    At some point every medication comes under the microscope by the FDA. Unfortunately we never know when, why, or how it's going to turn out. Every drug has a box of warnings and most of them have black boxes because of the one person in the study that might have had something happen while on the med (even if it had nothing to do with the medication itself.)

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    Oh I know.  It just reminds that the whole situation sucked and sucked hard.  And ended the way no one wanted it to.  :-/
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