Wedding Woes

overheard coming out of student's mouths this week

-(Fundy-dressing girl explaining why she and her sister (fundy 2) have to go everywhere together)
Well, I have a licensnse and she doesn't.  But she knows how to pump gas and I don't...why would I know that, that's for *BOYS*
 ('boys' is said like it implies cooties.  And we live where full-service is hard to find, FTR)

-Girl 1:  Well, I'm not speaking to Boyfriend
Girl 2:  why not?
Girl 1:  he called my ex to yell at him because I ran into him in the union
Girl 2:  Well, that's sweet, it's nice to know that he cares

-Boss: Can you please finish your drink outside the lab
Kid:  But I"m just standing in the doorway
Boss:  Yes, you're standing past the 'no food or drink beyond this point' sign.  You need to finish the drink outside.
Kid:  WHo are you?
Boss:  The dean.  Did you want to finish that outside or tell me who YOU are?
Kid:  *FLEES*

Re: overheard coming out of student's mouths this week

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