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I think this speaks for itself, really. 
Safety Tip: Don't Shave Your Pubes While DrivingAt CarnalNation, we like to think that our content is not only thought-provoking and sexy, but also educational. In that spirit, we'd like to offer some advice to those of you who may be new drivers or about to get a driver's license for the first time: never,ever try to shave your genitals while driving. That one piece of advice is often left out of educational materials which offer otherwise excellent coverage of the risks of driving while drunk, while texting, or applying makeup. Were it not for this oh-so-common oversight, Florida resident Megan Barnes, 37, might have been spared a lot of trouble. Barnes and her ex-husband, Charles Judy, were driving onCudjoe Key when they allegedly rear-ended a pickup truck, causing several minor injuries to the truck's passengers. The Florida Highway Patrol claims that Barnes was behind the wheel and had Judy steer from the passenger seat while she shaved her pubic area. According to Trooper Gary Dunick, "She said she was meeting her boyfriend in Key West and wanted to be ready for the visit." After the accident, she didn't stop; she and Judy drove down the road, switched seats, and claimed that he'd been driving during the accident. You might guess that this isn't the first time that Barnes has shown poor judgment in her driving, and you'd be right. Just the day before, she had been convicted for a DUI charge and had her license revoked for five years; after the five year period, any car she drives has to have a breathalyzer lock on it. Thanks to her impromptu barber session, Barnes is looking at a year in jail because of charges of reckless driving, leaving the scene of an accident, driving without insurance, and driving with a revoked license.

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