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Question- Trip Advice

So DH and I are turning 30 this year.

In February (which is DH's birthday month) we are thinking of doing a long weekend away.

Our original plan was to go on a short cruise, but they all run during the week and we're both trying to avoid that.

Next idea was Vegas but neither of us enjoys gambling, and the weather is just like it is here at home- except we'll be in a place that's more expensive and a day's drive away. I also really don't like Vegas.

My suggestion was to stay somewhere locally or up north (about 2 hours away in Sedona) and just be incredibly lazy. Room service, movies, sexy times. DH is sort of meh on this because to him it's not really "getting away".

I do have enough airline miles for 2 domestic tickets, and points for a hotel room. Any other suggestions? I was thinking of maybe doing San Diego or Portland (although the Portland weather will suck) and doing beer tastings. We're going to Hawaii in September so we don't want to do anything too extravagant.

Re: Question- Trip Advice

  • Don't both of you like wine?  What about a weekend in wine country?  Either Napa or up in Oregon along the Russian River Valley?  What about the wine trail up in Northern AZ?  IDK why i can't get this to come up, but this is a wonderful winery tool:

    I always love Chicago and there's tons to do there from museums, eating, sporting, art, shopping, etc.  Don't you do Hilton points?  I think it's the HIlton there that has the longest or tallest or something like that bar in the U.S.  It's beautiful.

  • Replace Sedona with Santa Fe, NM?
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  • DH is from Chicago and I'd love to go back but every time I suggest Chicago he's like "I grew up there, I've seen all that stuff and I don't want to go". He's not a wine drinker, but I am.

    Santa Fe is a good idea. I'm also toying with San Fransisco, but that's definitely going to be a bit pricier.
  • Outer Banks or Hilton Head.  You can use your free tickets, kick back, relax, do nothing, have your sexy time, and the H will feel like he's really gone somewhere.
  • I would say Seattle or San Francisco. Or even Lake Tahoe.
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