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Rough night for two families

One of DH's employees had an accident last night.  He suffered first and second degree burns on the ear, cheek, and the back of the neck.  DH had to make the call nobody wants to make.  The spouse got the call no spouse wants. 

It was a bad mix of problems that could have been a lot worse.  DH is beating himself up for not requiring more PPE or making sure the SOPs are good.  The poor man has been covering 2 jobs for almost 2 years.  He works from 6 am to 5 p abd does work at home every night too.  It's not DH's fault.

Not he's worried the company is going to try to blame the employee.  He also knows this is going to mean even more work for him.  Poor guy is a mess right now.

I hope he gets a new job soon.

Re: Rough night for two families

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    GBCKGBCK member
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    I'm glad they got someone as compassionate as your husband to be making the shittastic calls.
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    DG1DG1 member
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    Ugh.  Not good.

    But it really does sound like it could be much worse.  And hasn't your H been doign 2 jobs for a while?  And weren't you, too, before you left?

    Perhaps it's time for a wakeup call over there.

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