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I need a Ho sit down card

for me.

The realtor only has one picture up.  I know she wanted to get the listing out there before the weekend, but she said she uses a lot of pics in her listings.  That was one reason we picked her.  She best be getting more on there. 

Related- a new listing went up that's almost identical to ours.  It has a bit more square footage, but we have a better yard and I'd venture our basement is nicer (you'd know this if there were pics!).  The asking price on the other house is $25k more than ours.

Re: I need a Ho sit down card

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    There's something in Freakonomics, I think, that talks about how realtors want you to list low, because the difference in their commission is negligible (7% of 25k isn't much compared to the 7% on the actual cost), and they have to do a lot less work to sell it.

    I hope she gets those pictures up soon, though. Like you say, give her more than a day, but that's some dealbreaker sht right there.

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    I can totally see that on the commission.  We went with the "We want out in a reasonable amount of time, but don't want to lose every last penny we put into it."

    I'm giving her until Monday to get pics up.

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    Maybe you will get a bidding war! I watch to much House Hunters. Hope you sell quickly, that can be very frustrating.
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    How much work is involved in uploading 20 pictures instead of 1?  Geez, I would be annoyed, too.


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