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My family hates each other, how do i handle this!?! sorry long!

My wedding is in September 2010. And my family hates each other! My parents were divorced when I was 9. And they have used me against each side of the family all of my life. I stoped going to visit my mother when I was 13 because of personal reasons. And saw her for 2 days when I was 19 for a funeral. I am almost 25. I no longer talk to my father because of all the things he put me thru and way he treated me since I was a child. Ive recently started talking to my mom and her side of the family beacuase I was hospitialized and diagnosed with fibromyalgia and needed to find out my medical history.

My problem is,  my mothers side of the family is coming to the wedding( they kinda invited themselves and I went along with it) they live in florida and I live in pennsylvania. I didnt think they would all come. But they say they are. And they are staying at my house with me and my fiance. We have 5 bedrooms so hopefully we wont all be on top of each other.

But my Stepmom is like my mother, she has raised me since I was 11. And my dads side of the family has always been really close to me.  And my one uncle and his family who always travel with there camper, would have to stay my house too b/c we are the only ones around here with the biggest driveway to put it in.

I know there are hotels and things around, but my family is old school I guess. They like to stay with each other so we can stay up all night talking and have breakfast and spend as much time visiting each other.

These two sides have not seen each other in almost 20 years! They didnt get along then. And still even now there are sometimes comments about each other.

I want both of my families here for my wedding and I want to be able to visit with everyone that I have not seen in a long time.

Im just really afraid that the week leading up to the wedding, when my stepmom and aunt and cousins from my dads side are helping me get things ready, they will not mix well with the women of my moms side of the family.

And im really afraid that when everyone comes in for the wedding day, that they will cause a scene at the wedding!

But how do I mix these two sets of people? There are a lot of grudges and hurt feelings. I dont want to have to feel like I am in the middle during all of this its my wedding day! Wedding Countdown Ticker image 108 Invited! image 85 Are ready to party!
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Re: My family hates each other, how do i handle this!?! sorry long!

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    Refer EVERYONE to local hotels. Do not let ANYONE stay with you. It's about time you started having clearly defined boundaries in your life.

    You can't do anything about people getting along. I hope you don't come from a family of wildebeasts that can't act like normal people for 3-5 days, though. It's gonna suck for you, I guess.
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    I agree, everyone stay in a hotel.  That is what we are doing, but we have the great excuse that we have a 2 bed 1 bath house and three of us live here. 

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    I agree too. By the week of the wedding, your house is going to be chuck full of wedding "stuff" - you'll be frazzled, losing sleep as it is, tired, stressed, ready to be done with it.... and then you're going to burden yourself with a huge house full of guests who may or may not be able to behave with each other??? NO WAY, GIRL! Don't do that to yourself!!!

    Let them all know they will need to get a hotel room. (If you haven't already, most hotels will work with you on setting aside blocks of rooms for a discount per night rate for your gusts.)
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    Tell everyone that, sorry, you're gutted to say that theres no room at your house.  Here's the number of a local hotel you think they'll enjoy.  For the other side, a local campground.  No way should you have to deal with that.  Sounds as though you're being taken advantage of.
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