Wedding Woes

i ws just putzing around on other boards and saw this...

and wished more people like this posted HERE.

This girl who I know from HS, who I have NEVER been friends with because all she ever does is finds things to piss me off and hurt me. She used to harass me constantly and when I got pregnant with my son in my junior year of HS, she spread a rumor that my baby did not belong to my boyfriend at the time, and instead I paid some guy to f!!k me and that is how I got knocked up. To say the least, I hated her. It wasn't until last year when she was accidently shot in the face during an accident that I felt any remorse for her. And after that I thought I could patch things up with her. Earlier I saw on my FI's facebook picture, that she posted this comment "wow your hot ;) we should hook up, i'll show you what it's like to be with somebody who's not related to you." WTF, she has never ever met him. She's never talked to him before so I don't why she even added him. I confronted her and after she called me white trash and a c!!t, I just walked away. My FI came home early from work, still unaware what she had done and was surprised to come home to me so upset. After I told him, he deleted the comment, blocked her and everything before anything else. What is this sluts problem? I know a lot of people think that two third cousins, being together is wrong. And I'm not really looking for anybody to call me out on that. Because I do not care. I am MADLY in love with my FI and I'm not going to let somebody try to take him away from me. Were leaving for Italy tomorrow and I'm trying to stay relaxed and positive but that really pissed me off. I know my man is hot, but he's mine and I'm standing my ground.

kuus, you would know more about this than i would. is this MUD by any chance?

Re: i ws just putzing around on other boards and saw this...

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