Wedding Woes

Okay. some of this is my own fault

I get way too into things.  

For example:  I'm typing up the agenda for my meeting tomorrow.  I found a template I liked on Word.  Yay, V, type and go!  Right?!  Right?  Oh hell.

I liked it and then decided to personalize it.  So, I changed the watermark to the organization's logo.  It looks awesome.  So, now I've decided to redo the meeting sign in sheets that I had done, the previous minutes that were finished, the new agenda (which is one page and then MY copy which is full of notes) and a couple of other documents we're handing out, all with that watermark.  And of this paper is made into nice neat little member kits, stapled together.  I hope there are more than 3 people there or I'm going to feel supremely stupid.

I also created a notebook with all of my information/research/ideas/meeting notes in it.  With sheet protectors and dividers and narrow lined notebook paper for other notes.  I think I might miss school.

Finally, last night:  I was cleaning up e-mail for the upcoming meeting.  No one is really using the FB page and since I'm an admitted social media whore, I went wild posting links, petitions, meeting notices,etc.  The members probably hated me if they were set up for notifications.  

Then I thought, We need a Twitter account!   So, I got that and started following and tweeting immediately.  Then I wanted to hook that stuff to FB too, only know I'll need another FB page.  I reined myself in on that one.  I'm debating the Pinterest.

Re: Okay. some of this is my own fault

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    Now you just need to add glitter to those watermarks and you are done!

    I love formatting.  Sometimes I spend way too long playing with column widths and font sizes and then forget to fix the substance of my reports.   But who cares what they say when they are pretty?


    I just a friendly gal looking for options.

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    Zsa, I debated the fact that the official logo color is purple.  I decided I didn't want to have to pay for color copies that bad and it's easier to read a greyed (grayed?) watermark than purple.

    But on my notebook maybe!?  ;)

    Yes, I get way into paper products and office supplies.  My BFF and I were super excited in college about the new Staples opening and went and visited.  Just visited, walked up and down all the aisles.
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    6fsn6fsn member
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    too funny
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    WzzWzz member
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    this is all for one meeting? A for effort!
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    DG1DG1 member
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    I just spent more than 10 minutes deciding which folder to buy to start collecting our 2012 tax documentation. Seriously.

    One great thing about self-employment is that you control the office supply budget. Sure, you have to pinch a penny here and there, but if I decide that spiral-bound color copies are worthwhile, no one is going to give me sht about it, you know?

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    Well, there will be more than just tomorrow night, it's a monthly thing.

    But I was venting the other day and I decided that I'm the one putting myself all over this crap, I should probably either rein it in or shut up a bit.
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    DG, I always knew we were secretly BFFs.  :)  The crazies kinda match, yes?  ;)
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    GBCKGBCK member
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    I love this kind of crazy too.

    I spent 2 hours on this week, tweaking my handouts.
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    I spent 5 hours on a pamphlet last week.   5 hours choosing the template, tweaking the design, doing the copy, all of that, and had so much fun!  There's nothing wrong with letting your creative energy flow.
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