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Weekend plans?

Tonight I am going with a friend to check out a tattoo parlor, for HER. I have already veto'ed one parlor because it smelled like smoke and I watched them mop the floor, and...well, I wouldn't get a tattoo there and I didn't want her to, either. When I told H I was going, I promised not to come back with a tattoo myself. I am over wanting to get one.

Saturday - we are going with J & E to a local art festival. I need get something for the house. Apparently E didn't get anything last year, so J is expecting him to make a purchase. H is expecting ME to make a purchase, too. I'm guessing E & I will be rolling together most of the day.

I also want to check out the independent music festival that is in town this weekend. It's a pretty big deal and we have never gone.

Sunday - no plans yet. I may just pile up all of the pillows in the house and sleep on them all day.

Re: Weekend plans?

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    Frank Turner concert tonight down in DC, and going to a street fair on Sunday - I go every year and it always gives me a glimmer of hope that summer is around the corner.

    I'm also have some extra credit to get done for my class, because I'm 1.4% away from an A.
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    saturday and sunday: nada, nada, limonada.  oh, just talking about our future.
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    tonight, straighten up a little (if I have the energy - I was up from 2:30am on) and make a present for FIL from DD. (hand and footprints on construction paper)

    Tomorrow we're going to the Cloisters with friends to look at the major religious art collection from the Metropolitan Museum of Art. I haven't been in years and I'm looking forward to it. Plus it's going to be gorgeous out so I'm hoping to let DD play on the grass in the gardens.

    Sunday we're heading out to the IL's for FIL's birthday.
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    DH is on call.  If it doesn't rain and he's not at work we're going to a charity thing tomorrow morning.  I may still go without him, but we'll see.

    Sunday I'm loading up the kids at the buttcrack of dawn and spending the day being holy.  Sunday night I'll be at my parent's house.

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    Happy hour tonight.
    Tomorrow I'm givng mock interviews to ladies at a community center. My friend is on the board and asked if I would give the ladies some help with interviewing.

    Sunday, the usual. Church, nap, empty the dvr, and maybe the gym.

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    i'll be spending as much time in the pool as possible.

    DK will want to watch the hockey game tomorrow afternoon, and he needs to find some time to finish trimming the trees back this weekend.
    We'll probably go out for lunch or dinner at some point, and get laundry done so I can pack for our trip next week.
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    Tonight, meeting up with a visiting out of town friend of my H's for drinks.
    Tomorrow: A wedding! Hooray!
    Sunday: yard and house work. i'm also planning to cook lunches and package them up for the whole week. We'll see how that goes, Sunday evenings are usually pretty depressing for me because I know I'll have to be at work the next morning.
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    Tonight-Nada...I'm sure DH and the kiddo are going to be exhausted when they get home.

    Tomorrow-Need to go to Sam's Club and we might go to the zoo or the local outdoor living history museum. It's going to be beautiful.

    Sunday-No plans yet and I hope it stays that way.
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