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Ooh! I have a story!

We took Little Sis to Hollywood yesterday and went to the Kodak Theater.

Little Sis was at a souvenir stand looking for something to take home to her boyfriend. I went over to help her pick something out when I realized there was this strange Chinese woman just standing there.

We went to check out, and this woman butts in front of us and starts talking to the old lady who ran the stand. She whips out this photo album and starts showing the woman all these pictures of her in various yoga poses - like legs over her head, her doing the splits, etc.


Little Sis looks at me like, "W.T.H?"

The yoga lady starts trying to show us her photo album when I finally looked at the old lady and said, "We're ready to check out."

The old lady obliges and Chinese lady continues to try to impress strangers with her picture book 'o' contortions. As the lady's handing LS her change, says, "OH! HERE! Have one of these! My daughter WROTE this and stars in it! You look like a nice girl - I know you'll appreciate it! It's got WHOLESOME FAMILY VALUES."

What was it?

It was a business card for a play called... Virgin in the City.

And they have a website. [Click!]

Needless to say, I snatched that business card away from LS so I could share the awesomeness with you. We walked away from that stand and she went, "Uh... what just happened?"

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