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of course, this is a rant

on saturday my fiance and i finalized our invite wording and printed a sample to show my FMIL.  she said it looked great except my name wasn't first (it said David and Christina are getting married...). she said it has to be first and i said i don't like it that way.  she kinda got buggy eyed and looked like she was going to freak out.  we left the room and did something else. 
apparently yesterday morning she tore a strip of my poor fiance and told him he needs to be firm with me about his name going first because that's proper invite etiquette.  he likes his name first and we agreed we aren't going to be Mrs and Mr...we are Mr and Mrs. I personally, i feel like the man's name should always be first, so i'm not changing it.

secondly:  she has a cousin that invited herself and her husband to our wedding.  they live about 5 hours away and are making a trip here to visit friends and come to our wedding. she literally invited herself by saying to my FMIL "where should we stay when we come up for the wedding?"  they're nice people but not particularly close to my fiance and they think ny name is HEATHER (it's christina!). 
to make it worse: my FMIL invited her old aunts who also live far away-i think they were invited out of politness which isn't cool with me. we expected them not to come because they don't drive but they have invited their sons along to drive them/be a guest.Wth?!?!?

i'm clearly frustrated by this because we threw all etiquette out the window when PEOPLE INVITED THEMSELVES.

Re: of course, this is a rant

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    I mean, if they didn't get an invite, they're not invited. Also I would make your FI continue to deal with his mother. She sounds like she needs to chill the eff out.
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    my fiance is DEFINETLY dealing with this. he talked to his parents last night about the guests and is letting me know the outcome today.
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