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Hey guys!

I need some advice. Here is the situation. My fiance and I are planning on getting married in 2012. One of my best friends is leaving for another country for a year in April 2012. I would love for her to be at my wedding so am contemplating on having it in March of 2012. Only problem is that financially we might not be ready and my grandparents might not be back by then from the U.S by then and would be devastated to miss it. I dont know what to do sad What would you do?

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    mrsconn23mrsconn23 member
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    If you're not going to be ready before your friend leaves, you're not going to be ready.  I understand that it will be hard to have your friend miss the wedding, but it's better to be ready financially (and have your grandparents there) than rush it beacuse you want one person there. 

    In this situation, it truly is what it is.
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    Butter CookieButter Cookie member
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    I wouldn't make it earlier if it would be financially difficult on you and mean your grandparents couldn't come, but I might look into setting up Skype so that friend in the other country could watch and feel like she's a part of it.
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    Thanks so much guys. I will look into Skype. Just hard since she has been my bf since we were 5. As much as I would love her there, should I have to plan around her plans? She is doing and living life as she wants to. So should I.
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    DG1DG1 member
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    Wait. The question is whether you should have your BFF or your grandparents at your wedding?

    Granted, I was crazy close to my Grandmother, but I never would have considered not having her at my wedding unless she were completely bedridden or something.

    Add the "not financially ready" and I don't think this is really all that difficult of a decision.  Bummer your friend won't be there, but there are other options, you know?  And people are allowed to come back for special events like weddings (their own budgets permitting, of course).

    I'm also disproportionately concerned that you are saving for 15 months and still won't be financially ready.  If money is that tight, I'd recommend reconsidering the wedding budget.  But kudos to you for not just throwing it all on a credit card.

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    No the question was if i should have it before she leaves just based on the fact she is leaving. We could afford to have it this year but would like to pay off our debt first. So we wont be saving for a solid 15 months.
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