Wedding Woes

Gah! No Teen Mom until next week??

WTF am i supposed to do with all this judginess i have backed up!?

Re: Gah! No Teen Mom until next week??

  • shh shh, it's okay, katori. 
  • We can talk about how ridiculous it is that Gary and Amber have been engaged THREE times. And how stupid she sounded when she said, "Don't ever propose to me again."

    I wonder how they can afford all of those clothes they have strewn all over their apartment?

    Also, did we talk about them leaving the bath water in the tub while they were on vacation? EW! I imagine their house smells just terrible.
  • ugh, the bathwater made me throw up in my mouth a little!

    the amber/gary saga gets more and more obnoxious every week.  i'm waiting for her to turn into snookie with that goofy tan of hers. 
  • Amber does have rather Snookie-esque hair, too. However, I find Snookie to be much more redeeming. She is actually funny to watch. Amber makes me cring and have scrunched up disgust face.
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