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I have a bfing question

DD2 is the gassiest person I have ever known and she's only almost 4 months old.  She farts all day, every day and couldn't be happier about it.  She isn't fussy or anything so I'm not concerned about discomfort (though I plan to bring it up at her next appt Monday).  Sometimes they stink worse than you could imagine, sometimes not at all.

I EBF, so I figured it was probably something I was eating that was doing it to her.  I narrowed down the foods I eat regularly and started experimenting to see if I could figure out what it was.

My question:  A couple days is long enough to cross something off the list, right?  I mean, if I completely stay away from something for a couple days, it should be enough time to leave my system.  I've tried a couple things so far and it hasn't changed anything yet.

Maybe she's just a farter?  Did I somehow spawn a Blargh?
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