Wedding Woes

To Elope or Not to Elope?

Well I've been engaged since December, not planning on actually tying the knot until May, 2013 once I get my degree, but here's the problem: I absolutely have no idea what will make me happy.  I'm a hardcore people pleaser, but I just want to enjoy my wedding and enjoy my soon to be husband.  The benefits of doing a wedding here in Nebraska are that I get to have my family here and get all the fun photos (I'm a photo student so I care a lot about that), get to do all the fun planning, and honestly I feel like the occasion is more dress worthy.  The downside is that there is a LOT of tension between my divorced parents (my dad did re-marry), my parents and my sister, friends through my church and my dad and my fianceé's family...basically I have all these wonderful people in my life I care about and they care for us but they literally HATE each other.  The pros to doing a destination/elopement wedding (we're considering escaping to Hawaii and making it official on the beach...just the two of us and a minister) are of course we avoid all the trauma, but then I don't get to have my dad walk me down the isle, have music, have a dance, have my mom help me get ready, and honestly I don't feel worthy of wearing a beautiful gown if there's no one to see it :( Thoughts?  Anyone eloped and regretted it or loved it?  Didn't and wish they did?
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