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I'm getting old TMI

I read once that people with PCOS sometimes experience more cycle regulation as they get older and their hormones decrease (ovaries aren't so over-stimulated anymore). 

Since puberty my "cycles" (while not on bc) have averaged 50-60 days.  In high school I would sometimes go 5 or 6 months without a period.  I would have a 28 or 30 day cycle maybe once a year.  But over the past year I have been averaging around 30-40 days.  le sigh

So my ovaries are dying.  I don't have any grounds on which to care about that (I do care, but that is just because I have a touch of the crazy).  But I'm worried about the other stuff.  Does this mean that hot flashes are on the horizon?  My mom had her ovaries removed when she was in her early 50s and she was completely normal up until then, so I'm always assumed that I wouldn't hit menopause until closer to that age, either. 


I just a friendly gal looking for options.

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Re: I'm getting old TMI

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    I talked to my doc about this at the last appointment, because I've gone from 28 day cycles every month to one ovary on 28 days and one on 35. My mom didn't completely go through menopause till about 55, but she started getting wonky around our age, too. 

    Doc said it's a long process, and it starts in your 30s. *Technically*, it could be considered peri-menopause, but it's more likely you'd start having serious symptoms in your 40s. 
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    I don't know....but I worry about this, too. I asked my RE about it and he came back with, "I'll need more data" which meant temping and I am not even going to pretend that I can do that. (I'm always mid-stream when I remember I was supposed to take my temp and then that days is shot. Lather, rinse, repeat.)
    It makes sense that I would go through early menopause, because everything started off "older" than it should have. But I don't know....the more I learn about this stuff, the more questions it seems to raise.
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