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what a morning. I just finished police reports because a student was an ass

He was being creepy. And trying to flirt w/ my student worker--my student worker was DOING WORK.  with confidential information.  For me.
(the room is hard to describe, but imagine you walk into a library--there's a huge open area where you can sit and read.  He's in that open area.
I'm behind a desk/counter.

If you walk beyond that desk/counter (which is clearly the 'check in' area), there's a desk with 2 chairs at it--worker was sitting there, sorting tests.  So guy basically tried to breeze past the check in area to flirt w/ someone CLEARLY in a non-public area.)

I told the guy he couldn't sit at 'her' desk with her, he tried to tell me he was just having a conversation w/ her, I said I was her supervisor, he couldn't sit with her, he needed to return to .  He said he was having a private conversation and I was disrespectful.
I said I was her supervisor and the authority n the room, he had to sit down in the main area.
Tried toa rgue, I said his choices were to sit down in the main area, leave, or I would have him removed.
He said I couldn't have him removed.

I told him the conversation was over unless he returned to his seat, he tried to stare me down.
I called seucrity--for the 5 minutes it took security to get ehre (we ahve flue, they're understaffed today) he stood at my desk and tried to stare me down.  (security stayed on the phone w/ me.)

He's banned from the tuoring area, he's been escourted off campus for the day, and has to deal w/ the code-of-conducta gainst him before he can come back to class.
his instructor knows me, saw him being interviewed and got the long and short from me--instructor is retired military and would have ejected the kid himself if he'd bee handy at the time.

I hate doing it and it ruins my day.

Re: what a morning. I just finished police reports because a student was an ass

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    Don't let that jerk ruin your day.

    He was told the rules, he didn't abide and you had to follow protocol.  END OF STORY.  *low five*
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    I'm obviously typing worse than normal.  But boss let me take a few which helped.

    As luck would have it, the rest of today's students have been INCREDIBLY pleasant.  (even those w/ issues).  So that helps.

    And boss backs me up 100%, which also helps.

    AND security backs me up and was great--hell, there were 5 officers total because they asked if he was trying to intimidate me (I said yes--because he) and they take that crap seriously around here.

    I normally am really good at de-escalating, but I"m fighting a migraine, he was bird-dogging, and I'm incredibly protective of my employees--especially since it can be hard to say 'go away, not interested' in a way that doesn't get you in trouble at work and when the dude you're shooting down will be a face you see for the rest of the time you're at school.
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    What a jacka$$.  I had a similar situation yesterday - a client told me that treating him equally was bullsh*t. I told him to take that up with the prime minister and to get out of my office.

    Try not to let him get under your skin :)
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    2nd time in 5 years I've called security to remove a student...

    considering where I work and that I see about 100 students per day, the odds aren't to bad.

    I'm just itching to go get lunch now though, because I"m useless until I get a better break.
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    Don't let it bother you. You gave him plenty of opportunity to back down and he didn't. Now he has to face the consequences.
    "Friendship is born at that moment when one person says to another: "What! You too? I thought I was the only one." ~C.S. Lewis
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