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So sad. WDWWT?

NEW BRUNSWICK, N.J. — A college student jumped to his death off a bridge a day after two classmates surreptitiously recorded him having sex with a man in his dorm room and broadcast it over the Internet, authorities said Wednesday.

The Rutgers freshman, Tyler Clementi, jumped off the George Washington Bridge last Thursday, the Clementi family's attorney, Paul Mainardi, confirmed on Wednesday.

New York Police Department harbor officers recovered the body of a white man, clad only in pants, wearing a watch and without identification after a parks department employee spotted a body floating in the river, police said. The body was taken to the city medical examiner's office; authorities hoped to use the watch as identification.

Clementi's driver's license and Rutgers ID were found in a wallet left on the bridge on Sept. 22 after two witnesses saw someone jump from it, a law enforcement official told The Associated Press.

ABC News and The Star-Ledger of Newark reported that Clementi left on his Facebook page on Sept. 22 a note that read: "Jumping off the gw bridge sorry." On Wednesday, his Facebook page was accessible only to friends.

News of the death came on the same day that Rutgers kicked off a two-year, campuswide project to teach the importance of civility, with special attention to bullying and the use and abuse of new technology, The New York Times reported.

Under the aegis of that project, students, faculty and other employees have been encouraged to attend a series of lectures, presentations and discussions exploring such topics as how cell phones, iPods and other gadgets affect civility, and sportsmanship for athletes and fans.

"Tyler was a fine young man, and a distinguished musician," Mainardi said. "The family is heartbroken beyond words."

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Re: So sad. WDWWT?

  • LnR70707LnR70707 member
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    I can't imagine being that ashamed of people finding out your true sexuality that you need to kill yourself.  So awful.
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    I can't wait for the "im getting a divorce" post in 5 years or so because your husbands were fed up with your disgusting chair asses from playing on the knot all day and getting fired 4-5 times for not doing any work. you guys are all winners!! ~ Laur929
  • **O-Face****O-Face** member
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    I don't know if was the true identity, or the humiliation of having sex with someone being broadcast throughout your university.  That's pretty farking sick of those two individuals.
  • *Barbie**Barbie* member
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    that's awful -i'm curious as to the reason he felt the need to kill himself though. I think there was probably more to it than this one incident. 
  • zsazsa-stlzsazsa-stl member
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    That is sick, sick, sick.

    I'm really glad I grew up in an age before cell phone cameras.

    I just a friendly gal looking for options.

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  • loveshine1loveshine1 member
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    I was thinking it may have been because he wasn't officially 'out' yet to his friends and family.

    It was quite humiliating I'm sure, but I can't imagine killing yourself over it. I think there must be more to the story.
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  • edited December 2011
    it's all kinds of awful. 

    awful for the student who killed himself, and his parents.

    and awful of the roommate and accomplice.  even if he was having hetero sex, what a total invasion of privacy and lack of respect.  there is something wrong with that person.
  • Butter CookieButter Cookie member
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    Hell, I would be mortified if someone had a tape of me getting it on with DH. It would be, for me, knowing that it had gone viral and thousands if not millions of people had seen it, and the weight of how it would affect me for the rest of my life. I mean, who on here told the Play Girl story? I don't remember the details, but if you google someone and a sex tape pops up are you going to hesitate and read about it before dismissing the man as a pervert/not hiring him?

    Not that this is an excuse for suicide, but I can see where that knowledge would be devastating and wanting to wipe myself off the map and out of people's minds forever.

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