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I'm paranoid

I called the loan officer to find out how the loan is going.  He hasn't called back so now I'm wondering if there's a major issue.

I'm shocked as snot that we haven't heard anything from the people that came back Friday.  Well, Friday night they said they were still interested, but needed to talk.  Nothing since.  Now I'm wondering if something hinky is going on.

My chiropractor is the realtor's husband.  Usually he's really chatty and upbeat.  Today he barely said 2 words.  Now I worry that there is some conspiracy going on and nobody wants to tell us.

I saw what looked like the realtor's truck down the road.  I kept checking the "For Sale" sign to see if she was trying to sneak up and take it out of our yard.

I need help. 

Re: I'm paranoid

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    zsazsa-stlzsazsa-stl member
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    Yes, paranoid is right. 

    The mortgage people might just be really backed up.  I applied for a refinance over a month ago and just had my first conversation with the loan officer on Friday.  Although I'm sure they bump refinances to the end of the line. 

    Why would the RE agent be trying to dump you?

    I just a friendly gal looking for options.

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    6fsn6fsn member
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    I don't know why they'd want to dump us.  I just have nothing to occupy my mind right now so this is where it's going.

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