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getting nervous

I am really starting to freak out about the wedding. Maybe not freak out so much as starting to get anxious. Not about actually getting married, that part I can't wait for. I am just worried that stuff isn't going to get done and I am at a loss as to what to do. I know something will probably go wrong the day of I am just afraid it is going to be something huge. Every wedding I have been to always seems perfect and everyone seems so relaxed and at ease. I am just afraid it is going to be a disaster :(

Anybody else feel like this??

Re: getting nervous

  • Be like Santa- make a list and check it twice.  After the rehearsal let it go.  If it's not done it's not going to be and it won't matter.  I would venture that all of those lovely weddings had SOMETHING go wrong that you just didn't know.  If you are happy and relaxed your guests will be too.

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    I had several little things go wrong, and I was so glad they did, actually, because they were the moments that really made the day for me. Like 6 said, follow your list and just be as thorough as you can and then just let it happen. Try to relax and enjoy yourself! 
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