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DH just found a new website that probably would have Eureka.  We just found all the Sanctuary stuff on it.

This was just his comment, "This isn't really legal and the quality is crappy, but you can get caught up."

Just google, "Let me watch this" and it's the first link that pops up.

You will have to watch on the computer though.  That kinda sucks.

Re: Kuus

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    ReturnOfKuusReturnOfKuus member
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    We actually have a computer hooked up so that our nice, big, pretty TV is its monitor, so that will work wonderfully for us.
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    VarunaTTVarunaTT member
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    I am not telling DH this.  It is his secret dream to have a computer in the living room and use it for all movies, shows, etc.  I just can't let his computer stuff spill over into the living room.  It already overpowers the very large office space at home AND work that he has.
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