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Paul McCartney Fronting for....NIrvana?

Oh, if only there were someone else in Nirvana who could front and sing like a rock star /sarcasm.

I like Sir Paul, but I can't make this work in my head.  Maybe if they stay away from anything too...y'know..Nirvana-ish.

Re: Paul McCartney Fronting for....NIrvana?

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    Yeah, ummm...what's wrong with Eddie Vedder, Chris Cornell,  Anthony Kiedis, etc instead?

    Or why can't Dave Grohl sing and play?!
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    MrsC, that was my first thought too, why I put the /sarcasm on that.  :)

    Apparently they all had gotten together to just jam and they've written a new song they're going to play.  I'm trying to be all open minded about it, but I can't wrap my head around this.
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    Oy vey.
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