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Psycho neighbor strikes again

Things have been (mostly) quiet related to her recently, until this morning.

Last night, DH and I ran out to get new brakes for his car and a few odds and ends.  When we got home, we noticed a styrofoam cup and a napkin in our yard.  We bitched about her being a crazy bitch, but we didn't pick it up.  DH put brakes on his car, I made dinner, and we mostly forgot about it. 

I take DefConn to the sitter this morning and come back.  I'm walking up to my front door and I hear, 'tap, tap, tap'.  I'm looking around and notice her silhouette in her side door (the top half is glass and it's tinted, plus the inside of her garage was mostly dark.) She's waving at me.  I stare her down and then point to the cup and say, "WHY ARE YOU LEAVING TRASH IN MY YARD?!"  She flips me off.

I'm officially creeped out by this.  It makes me wonder how often she sits in her garage staring at us.  So I went to my neighbor on the other side of me (who's a paralegal) and asked her to talk to her boss about this situation and see what she suggests.  This is harrassment and intimidation and I'm done.

Re: Psycho neighbor strikes again

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    Good for you, MrsConn.  I would assume everyone is just happy you're the buffer between the crazy and them. 
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    6fsn6fsn member
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    She is psycho.  I hope this gets resolved soon.
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    What a PITA.

    I drive by a house every day when I take son to school that has 8(!!!) security cameras positioned around the house and garage.  I used to assume they're fake, but maybe they have a neighbor like yours.

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    WzzWzz member
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    can you contact your local precint and put in a complaint? she is littering and trespassing on your property. i would be out of my mind if i were you, you really are a patient person! i'd also start taking photos of her and getting a fake camera pointed directly at her pathway, install it while she is looking.

    even if the cops can't and don't do anything, at the very least, they should go to her home and ask why she is disturbing you. she can't just continually harass you and put garbage on your property.
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