I just gotta say...(long)

I'm hoping my comments aren't taken as any kind of personal attack against anyone here. That is not my goal.
I just wanted to say that I'm disappointed in the change of vibe on the Seattle Knotties board. I realize many think the board came alive with all that has happened but I kind of thought of it differently.
I realize I'm not a daily poster, but I used to read the board all the time. It felt like a place where I could be comfortablle and have people I could talk to that were dealing with the same things as I was, or a place where I could get great ideas, and for me that changed. Sadly I don't feel comfortable posting here anymore, and I don't enjoy reading the snarky/mean posts. I can't say for sure that's attributed to the change, but I've noticed some others have stopped posting as well, but that may just be the Holidays, and getting busy, who's to say.
I was really glad to see there were apologies and that it appears most have let go of the whole thing. But like I said, for me the board has kind of changed.
Again, I'm not trying to offend,  just thought I would give a somewhat outside perspective on it. I hope things can change and the board will go back to it's original intent; to help local brides plan their weddings, and a great place to support each other.
Thank you to all of you that helped me with questions and gave me great ideas. It really was helpful. I wish you all happy planning!

Re: I just gotta say...(long)

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    I do feel the same. As I'm newish to this board I stayed out of the crazieness but I feel left out of a hppy group. Thnigs seem...clicky I guess is the word for it. I really love all the ideas I've seen in such a short time and hope to become good knottie friends with everyone. I agree that this should be a happy and upbeat place where we can all share ideas and thoughts with eachother!
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    yeah, it sure exploded fast, huh? Even though I'm not a regular poster I too was surprised by it.
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    Well sometimes indiviiduals can get that way, I just ignore it and take the comments has they come and let them roll. Their are some very nice gals on these boards so don't give up and go away. You do have to find your way to boards that you feel comfortable with.

    The great thing is if you feel that their is someone you feel that they may be on the same page or you click with, is that you can send a pivate message to and get to know better. Send me one I'd like to get to know you better and share our wedding plans together.

    Yes I feel that their is clickeness on this board not a bad thing just feel on the outside often on this board. Not saying that anyone is rude has their is some sweet girls here.
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    I'm sorry if any of you feel that there is a clique on this board and that you're outside of it. I think it's really just that many of us have already been hanging out here a long time and so know each other pretty well. I first came to this board about a year ago and felt a little left out, but I realized it's just because most people had been posting awhile. You just need to dive in, that's the best way to get to know people and get known. I don't think anyone is really ever purposefully excluded, just give it some time. Yes, a few things happened over the past two weeks, but don't leave because of it. That was the first time since I've been here that's happened and I think we're all just trying to move past it.
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    Maybe I've been around so long and been a regular on other boards where there is much more drama that I'm kinda like, "Really?" I mean, it's not that serious, you know? Just gotta roll with it and not take it to heart.

    The board is cyclical, too. We have small little bursts of snark, but it usually passes pretty fast and I find that people here are more more open-minded and welcoming than anything else. I guess that's why out of the three states I've lived in (other than NJ), this is the only board I bonded with and keep coming back to.
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