Wedding Woes

Good morning!

How was the weekend?

We went to the drive thru wedding Saturday.  This was a second marriage for both and they have grown children.  Considering that it was perfect- a brief ceremony, hugs and kisses all around, and then a hog roast.  The bride was incredibly happy that we were there, which makes me even more pissed that BIL didn't go.  He could have left his house at 1 and been home by 5 and not missed a thing.

Sunday was pretty relaxed.  I got a few gifts then did a bit of shopping on my own.  I scored a shirt for $1,09 at Kohls.  Then we went and looked at the toyota minivan.  There is a distinct possibilty I could be driving one by the end of the month.

MIL is coming today and I don't care.  We have our first ultrasound!  DH got to take the whole afternoon off so there is no racing back to work and checking his pager the whole time we're there.  We're going to stop at the Kia dealership on the way home.

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    Weekend was good.

    Friday we ran errands and crashed in bed at home by like 930.  For being 22 and 24, we're ridiculous about bedtime.

    Saturday was exactly as much work as we expected.  We were up early cleaning and prepping for the party, had to run out and pick last minute stuff up.  BF and I went to a wedding and ducked out for a couple hours, and then came home and started drinking with everyone else (who am I kidding, I had wine before we went to the wedding), and I ended up leaving and having dinner with my family, and coming back to a shitshow.  It was a pretty fantastic evening.

    Sunday we watched the last EPL games - Man U won, and would have won the title, but City somehow managed to score two goals to win the game in 2 minutes during stoppage time.  BF was incredibly depressed.  I then packed my things and moved.  Which didn't help BF being upset.  We'll see how the next couple months go, but based on his reaction to all of my stuff not being in the closet anymore, we're probably going to be moving in together in August.

    And I don't want to be here today.

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    It was pretty good!

    Friday-We went to the ball game.  We had a great time with DH's work people and their kids. 

    Saturday-DH worked.  The boys and I went shopping.  After DH got done with work, we met up at Sam's to do some shopping.  After we got home, we went to the mall so DH could get me a mother's day gift.  I needed to get some stuff at Bed, Bath, and Beyond and I bought new sandals at DSW.

    Sunday-We went to brunch with my family.  After brunch, we went to my IL's and hung out.  They have a swing set, so we got out the baby swing for DefConn, which he loved.  And we let him crawl around in my IL's backyard for awhile.  He was one tired bug when we got home and slept like a rock last night.  We had steaks at the IL's and then came home and watched the Survivor finale.
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    Those sandals are cute!  M2 loves the swing.  If I ask if she wants to swing she'll walk over to it, put her arms in the air, and cry until we put her in.
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    I dicked around the house all weekend watching Dude Bros 'n' Haints (my affectionate term for Ghost Adventures) and Storm Chasers. It was a good weekend.

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    Good morning!  We had a good weekend. Fenced in the backyard to corrall the dog and the kiddo, which was part of my Mother's Day gift, big kids got me some flowers (iris-my faves) and finished just in time for late lunch at my mom's. Then off to the MIL's which required a beer before the ride and a Xanax when we were 10 minutes away for me to be nice and friendly. Home in time for bed, which we all needed as N really didn't nap due to all of our shenanigans.

    Next weekend we'll hopefully be installing the new front door, which is the other part of my Mother's Day gift. Very pretty w/wrought iron accents.

    Wish I was home in bed.
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    Meh.  Friday I met up with a good girlfriend in a BFE town, had lunch sat burnt.  Came back home, got ready went to dinner with SIL/BIL and then to a comedy show.  The opening act I found funnier and more my taste. I was crying. was amazing.  Home and in bed before 10 pm.

    Saturday was low key, I slept until 8 am. Which RARELY happens.  Then up and regular Saturday stuff.  It was nice not running that morning, though the weather was better than Friday.  Then I stopped out and took H lunch while he was working, then a movie with H (Misfit Pirates!!Arrggh), and dinner of sandwiches.  We are fancy.

    Sunday was more of the same.  H and I made a grocery run for Mother's Day cards (nothing like being prepared) and then boring stuff.  Dinner with the times.
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    Weekend was good. Spent time with the fam, had dinner out on Saturday, decided to brave the crowds at Opry Mills. Went shopping at a really nice garden store. Lil' bit, LO, had a blast running around outside, looking at and feeling all the plants and flowers. She was NOT happy to get back in the carseat.
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    We had pizza-and-movie night on Friday; "We Bought A Zoo" is good, but you will tear up. 

    Saturday I laid around doing nothing. It was glorious.

    Sunday I had church, and then we went to The Cheeky Monk, a Belgian beer house, for lunch. (Me, H, Bacon, and GayH. Because I mother him too, let's be honest.) Had two beers and some amazing chocolate fondue for dessert. 

    Then Sunday night I went to see "A Perfect Family", which I highly recommend if it plays near you. It's an indie film about  woman nominated for Catholic Woman Of The Year by her church, and how her family isn't really perfect. Really good. You will not tear up. 
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    Wzz, I would feel the same, that would just sting to hear the words.

    My weekend had me go from completely pissed to completely happy. I worked saturday, and knew my aunt, cousin and her husband were in town for mothers day/grandmas birthday. Since i get off workat 730 pm, it was cecided w would meetup at my moms house to see them. I was pissed that my husband had to cancel plans he had tht night to hang with my brother a coiple of friends. So wegrab take out and run over there to be the good family members and gma and the crew aren't there. Mom calls and even though she said come over at eight, they expected another confirmational phone call, so they did not bother to call and didn't show. Then BFP. skipped church because husband is sick, but did see everyone for breakfast and didn't bitch at them. Getting soft already.
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    Friday it was early bed time. Saturday, DH let me sleep in and I slept till 9:30 which never happens. Normally, I sleep till like 8 am. The rest of the day was chores and then DH and DS got haircuts. Sunday was yummy brunch with the family and my mom. DS decided that napping was optional which was BS.
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