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Thanks DH!

There are a few jobs open at DH's company. Am I super qualified for them? No, but I meet the basic requirements. Am I super thrilled about the jobs? No, but I'd rather work for a place that won't lay me off because they feel like I do a sh!tty job and but don't tell me about it. I do like DH's company as a whole.

So I applied for 2 jobs over the weekend. I asked DH if he could get me some info or possibly help me get an interview. He calls me and asks me what I put on my applications, how I answered some of the questions. I put more basic answers "I can do XXXX". DH was like "well if 5-10 thousand people apply, you need to set yourself apart."

1. I was unaware from the directions provided I should answer like that, although maybe this is something I should have known better.
2. If 5-10k people are applying, why the fluck are they going to look at my application anyways? I have no experience doing any thing they are hiring for, I'm praying they will give me an interview.
3. All I wanted was some help in the door. So thanks DH for the application tips, but seriously...if you can march down to HR and tell them I applied that would be great.

But seriously, I really hope they give me an interview. It would be nice to possibly carpool with DH and I really would like to work there.

Re: Thanks DH!

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