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RHoBH Peeps...

DAMN @ the below article...

Sounds like Camille Grammer sure earned that $50 million.

The former dancer and actress-turned-Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star, who didn't have a prenup with her ex Kelsey Grammer and is expecting a windfall in their divorce, dropped by Howard Stern's circus this morning and, boy, did she dish on the disaster that was her marriage to the Frasier star.

Gay rumors? Cross-dressing? Lists of rules for sex and socializing? Take it away, Camille...

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She kicked off with why she fell for Kelsey in the first place: "I was sick of dating jerks in New York," Camille told Stern. But she says that soon after marrying, both her and Kelsey soon lost the desire to have sex. "He wasn't into sex that much," she said, adding that the two were left with an "emotional connection."

"We struggled to have an intimate relationship, but we got along as friends," she said. "I loved him because he was charming and talented."

Stern, who employed a teeny-bikini-sporting Camille (back when she was still Camille Donatacci) for a bit role in Private Parts, chimed in, saying he'd heard rumors that the Grammars only had sex 17 times.

"I hear he's a total freak," Stern said.

"Bingo!" Camille replied. "I told him he needed to be a man with me and that's all I'm going to say. Listen, I don't think he's gay, I do think he likes being with women but there's something between us that didn't click between us."

Was she hinting at cross dressing?! When Stern asked her directly if he was "pretty as a woman," Camille laughed.

"I didn't say it," laughed Camille."When he got La Cage aux Folles I thought, 'Perfect.' I knew I was going to lose him. I think he's straight, but there are times I didn't think so during our marriage."

"He likes to dress up as a woman!" squealed Stern sidekick Robin Quivers, adding, "like a goofy Halloween thing or something?" But all Camille would say was "I'm not saying it."

When Stern pressed her to admit it was a regular thing, Camille said she didn't want to be "struck with a lawsuit" but then added she was worried she would lose Kelsey to another man. "I never thought he was going to leave me for another woman," she said, adding that they talked about splitting up years ago because things got "freaky."

She then admitted she has had sex since the divorce, but wouldn't reveal who with. "I've had fun in the last few months," she said.

Admitting she was incredibly frustrated in the marriage, Camille said Kelsey laid down the law from day one with strict rules she was forced to follow.

"He had a list of rules for me and it started early," she said, saying they included not being allowed to go to the beach, out with her friends, or have a vibrator. "He was very insecure," she said.

But it seemed all worth it, she said, because she now has "two beautiful" kids and Kelsey is going to have to fork over half because California is a no fault state, meaning a "50-50" split. After she gets the money she says she'll probably not marry again. "I'm not thinking about that," she said.  "I may just live with someone the rest of my life and not marry."

As for her future, she plans to downsize to a smaller property and sell her enormous Malibu manse, and isn't sure she will continue RHBH because they "villianize" her on the show. She said she's misunderstood for using a surrogate to have a baby (she was accused of wanting to preserve her body.) "I wans't able to have a baby so I had to do it," she says. She also didn't like how she was perceived for "helping" Kelsey through his alcohol problems when she met him. "I have complained [to producers] about the way they make me look," she says.

Kelsey, soon getting hitched for the fourth time, only communicates with her by text now. "We were together for 14 years, this is a pattern with him," she said. "My son misses his dad. He's raising his kids through Skype."

As for all the chitchat today Kelsey's rep responded to E! News: "While it is not clear why Camille continues making public statements about her marriage to Kelsey, it is crystal clear that Kelsey will continue not responding, regardless of content."

We just wish we could have a peek at Kelsey's next text to Camille, bet that's going to be a humdinger.

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