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How to sort posts???

The posts don't seem to be in any do you sort them by most recent?  Or is there even a way to do that? If I want to look for a certain item in the classified section, for instance, I want to start with the most recent posts, not have to scroll through hundreds that are in random order.  Can anyone help?

Re: How to sort posts???

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    I found this in the FAQs:

    Can I sort posts when viewing a board?
    Yes, you can sort posts by most recent post or most recent reply. The default sort is to display the most recent replies, so a post may be the top post many times. To sort by most recent post, be sure to check the box indicating so to the right of the boards. Within a post you may also sort from oldest to newest and newest to oldest.

    However, I don't see those options to the right of the boards.  Maybe you can email a knot god and see if they can help.

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    6fsn6fsn member
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    When I click in a post I get a box about viewing preferences, but it only has a box for showing signatures.  Maybe there is something in your profile?
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    Back in the day, they sorted based on latest post within a thread, but now it seems to only be by newest thread. Sad day.

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