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So there's been a U-haul outside my neighbor's house for 2 days (Not the crazy one.  I wish.  That would be a Christmas miracle!).  I'm not sure if they're moving or not.  He seems to have been packing it for the last 2 days,  but their garage is still pretty full and I haven't seen them putting any furniture in there.  So, who knows?  But It's making me so curious.   We don't talk to them beyond a "Hi! How are you?"

My next door neighbor on the other side of me, who we are friendly with and hang out with on occasion, messaged me the other night and told me she was divorcing her husband.  They had a big fight and blah, blah, blah.  The kiddo then comes home and tells me they're getting divorced (because he heard all about it from her son) and about their fight (awesome, no?).  Come Monday, the divorce was called off.  I'm staying the hell out of it because I'm no marriage counselor and I'm not getting in the middle of that mess.  But she's been all up in FB totally vaugebooking.  I'll have to post some of her statuses in the FB group.  They are definitely side-eye worthy.

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    I was just wondering how things were going with your crazy neighbor.  Anything new on that front?
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    OH she's still crazy like a fox.  I've taken to completely ignoring her.  Which I think bothers her a lot.  She's outside at least once a week beating her rugs and staring me down.  I've perfected the out of the corner of my eye glance.  I don't even move my head and I steal one when she's not looking.  Ignoring her has saved my sanity.  And no more trash has showed up in my yard or on my doorstep. 

    So, I'd say it's going swimmingly.  ;)
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    ooooooh sounds like some Wisteria Lane happening!
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