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Book Reco Question

Has anyone read "The Hunger Games"?

Friend described it to me and I wanted to know if anyone here has read it.

Re: Book Reco Question

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    Hmm. Interesting.  The "young adult" part would be a turnoff, but the story seems compelling.

    Might be one of those things that appeals to the masses even though it's targeted to a younger age group - like harry potter or twilight.

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    I have heard so much about these recently too and a number of friends whose opinions I trust on such things seemed to have really enjoyed them.

    That being said some of these same friends convinced me that I would love the Twilight series and after forcing my way through them I decided I hated them probably more than any series I've ever read.
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    I read the trilogy. I don't normally read YA but I enjoyed it.  I do have to say that I was disappointed in the 3rd and final book, though. 
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    That is what she said too, Cali.

    Also-based on what she told me I was kind of appalled that this was YA.
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    The subject matter is intense but it's not that graphic.  Also I did not read Twilight nor do I have any desire to. 
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