Wedding Woes

Crazy Maid of Honor. HELP!

I'm in need of serious advice.
My bridesmaids are a close group of friends. Because I'm not really closer to one than the others, I decided to pick the girl I had known the longest to be my Maid of Honor.
She's always been a loose canon but I never really thought much of it. I'm a laid back bride and not to worried about it.
Till now.
The last two months have been a nightmare. Among adding to my wedding stress (she's almost a month late in buying her dress), she's now started living a reckless life style.
The kicker came last night. She tried to drive home from the bar drunk. So a group of us (fiance and our friends) took her back to our apartment. After we put her to bed in our apartment, she 'relieved' herself on our bed and left in the middle of the night (after we had already passed out on the couch). Disaster.
I'm worried about her and will talk to her about her decisions as of late. I'm mad at her. I understand she was embarrased but it was a real immature move.
So here's my question, since she's not responsible enough, should she still be in my bridal party? I feel like during my bachlorette party, I will have to take of her. My fiance doesn't think she's act well at the reception dinner or at the wedding.
I don't want to loose her as a friend and I'm really concerned with her well being because obviously something is wrong but should I keep her maid of honor/in the bridal party in general if she's such a reliability???
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