Opinions needed on 3 potential Seattle venues....

Hi there,

I'm in the early planning stages of my October wedding, and since I haven't lived in Seattle long enough to have been to any events/parties at the places we are thinking about, I have no reference point, so I need to hear about other's experiences.  We already know where we are having our ceremony, so we need a reception venue.

So far we know it's on Oct. 17th, between 100-125 people, daytime (so it's either lunch or late afternoon cocktail hors d' ouervres reception, wine-beer bar).  The 3 places we are trying to decide between are:

The Space Needle - a bit 'chintzy' and dated, but affordable
The Ruins - gorgeous, unique, but more $$$
The W Hotel - affordable, haven't seen it yet (will see it tomorrow) so I'm curious to hear other's opinions.

Any insight or opinions would be greatly appreciated!  We need to make a decision by Monday!

Thanks and congrats to all ovf you!


Re: Opinions needed on 3 potential Seattle venues....

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    Hey! Welcome!

    I went to look at the W, its very nice and modern, but I didnt find it worth while for my budget. But I liked the modern look so I ended up with Hotel 1000, which is still not very cheap but the plates we a few bucks less and it was close to the ferry/cabs. I have a lot of oot guests.

    anyways, the W was very pretty inside with the large windows and high ceilings. If you have a lot of oot guests, they may like the space needle and if its affordable, it may be worth it. I wish I looked into that option. I assumed it was super expensive!

    Good Luck!
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    I have to say I'm not a huge fan of the space needle. I have a friend who used to be the restaurant manager there and even he says its over rated. Have you looked into Saltys on Alki? It absolutely beautiful there.
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    My professional society had an event at The Ruins last year. I would say there were around 100+ people in attendance. It seemed very squished and the tables were really close together so it was not easy to move around. We were really crammed into the tables too. There should have been at least 2 fewer seats at each table to be comfortable. However, I'm not sure what the wedding set up is compared to an event like ours. I can tell you it was a buffet style dinner. The food was okay...I was a little disappointed actually for such a high end venue. But IMO buffets are never that great. The food gets cold quick, and is never the same when it has to sit out. The venue was gorgeous though! We are Interior Designers so we love places like that! HTH!
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    out of those three i'd pick the w.
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    if you're new to seattle, and want to show your fam around, i'd do the space needle.
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    I don't know of the others but I would say steer clear of the Space Needle. We went there to check it out and it is a really weird space. The way it is shaped makes for it to be really awkward and really crowded. I have seen photos of weddings there with just over 100 people and it looked like there was absolutely no walking room. Also, you said it was reasonable, in your price range? I am not sure what your price range is, but we thought it was really cheap too for it to be the Space Needle, but then they told us it was a $10,000 minimum for food and bev. Just wanted to make sure you knew that part. I just wasn't a fan.
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    I seem to be one of the few here who is firmly on the planner train (bless all of you who can happily manage it without a planner) but, like you, I'm not a local. I haven't had the benefit of going to a bunch of events around here to check places out.

    Here's why I think a planner is especially worth it for transplants like you and me.
    1. Day of. It's brilliant to have someone there who is paid to just handle things. Like your unpredictable sister who doesn't always wear proper undergarments.
    2. They know the vendors in the area. They know who is a good value within your budget and can steer you to the ones that meet your style, too. From venue to food to photographer to everything.
    3. Because they have a relationship with the vendors, the vendors want to be sure to keep them happy - they're repeat customers whereas you're a one time customer.
    4. Their relationships with vendors can get you some discounts that can help you stretch your budget and cover at least part of the costs for the planner. Don't figure on covering the whole thing but it helps.
    5. They are on the inside of the local wedding community. They know of places that are starting up and maybe are really cool but they aren't established enough that they're charging a bunch. 
    6. Getting time back - between research time and actual vendor visits, I could just see this swallowing up my whole year. Then trying to keep up with the gym and a full time job, it just made planning seem decidedly unfun.

    Most of them will tailor a package to meet your specific needs and will trim off stuff that you don't need help with - like managing RSVPs. If you think you might be interested in a planner, I emailed about 30 of them. I can give you the rundown.

    I swear. I've been so relieved since I talked my fiance into it. (I think it went something like I need a planner and I need botox!)
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    This is all great advice - thanks so much!  I know there are so many places to check out, but we've reached the point of saturation (places start looking the same, menus start looking the same.....) and time is running out for us to reserve our date.  I really hope that when we see the W tomorrow, it will be the tie-breaker :^).

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