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"About" to go bridezilla?

Oh, honey. You already went to check it out, came back to pack your stuff, and bought a house there.

Sorry, it's waaaaaaaaaaay too long to C&P. Basically, her FSIL is a bad bridesmaid because she hasn't helped Bridey plan, or something. 

Here's a response:

Sometimes i don't think people really understand about what the job a MOH or BM entails and they just think its a rock up in a dress and stand and look pretty, they don't quite see all the stuff that has to happen before that.

Re: "About" to go bridezilla?

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    Oh, what lovely people. Another response:

    Maybe you should start asking new people? I know the thought of telling someone they're out is hard, but if you can find someone who is 100% commited, its probably the better way to go. And if they get pissed off about being kicked out, then that's crap. They should understand that its an honor being in your wedding. Granted, you may have wanted to give them more time, but they shouldn't have agreed if they couldn't meet your deadline. Weddings are too stressful and mines still 14 months out!
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    Does weddingbook advertize that they're the place for all the horrible beebees and bridezillas? How do these people find each other?
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    It was 3 pages of this. 3. Pages. "Kick her out!" "Bridesmaids don't know what their responsibilities are!" "They're all bitches!" "I sent mine a list!" 

    The closest anyone came to decent advice was telling her to tell SIL when the dress appointment was and then let her show up or not. But there was still plenty of sympathy for her having to go through this. 
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    I just don't get it, but then I'm such an "if you want it done right, do it yourself" kind of person that I won't even let DH help fold laundry. And I hate folding laundry.
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