Wedding Woes

the challenge notes

abrahm is crasy. did he really come to tears when he was listening to diem's beautiful love story? oh man, he is crazy and he loves entertaining the crazies.

sad leroy left, but he'll be back on future challenges. it's not his fault he messed around with that little weird girl. (ok maybe it's a little his fault)

paula is so stupid. she needs to stop acting like a helpless whiner. be the pwer couple, make a decision, and own it. stop acting like you need to make people breakfast so they don't vote you off. or better  yet, just do better in the challenges and be a good competitor.

ct has crazy eyes. you forget that he might be a person because he's usually beating people up and getting kicked off in the second episode.

are these people all just that stupid? because the questions they were asked in the challenge did not seem difficult. no one can spell?

Re: the challenge notes

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    The spelling made me sad.

    I'm confused as to why Annesa was allowed to stay.
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    i'm sure biting her lip won;t prevent her from doing physical chalenges. but it's stil lunfair that the others were made to leave. i just get annoyed because on rivals, leroy got to stay because they guy mike came, and mike was actually his friend.

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