guess what we got today??

2 rsvps in the mail... um, our rsvp day was over 10 days ago... thanks for returning them!

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Re: guess what we got today??

  • Alo822Alo822 member
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    Just to warn you... we got some the week of the wedding. And had some people who came without RSVPing. But FWIW, it was offset by those who said they were coming but didn't... :)
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    better late than never? but yes, that is annoying
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    Yeah - i got a few the week before the wedding (one from a bridesmaid, no less!)  I seriously don't get why it's so hard for people!!
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    A-holes.  My RSVP date is the day after tomorrow & we're still missing a good 30 people's.  *sigh*
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    oh honey!!! well i bet people will send them!!!

    i'm hoping that people that show up will offset those who don't... but i made final arrangments with the caterer and called the rental place yesterday to take off 40 of the chairs.. some of the people in our number won't really be sitting and the venue has chairs too but ugh! just respond on time.. i'll NEVER send an rsvp late ever again!
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    How irritating!!!!!!!!!  I never thought people were so slow at RSVPing until this summer and all the weddings coming up inTK Seattle ;( hopefully a ton of ppl dont just show up that didnt rsvp.
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    Lol, I received the card from my family a week after our RSVP date.  MOH's mom just told her she just dropped hers in the box.  To her credit, she's a sweetheart and has a ton going on right now and MOH already told me she couldn't attend although she did send a gift at my shower.
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    Our RSVP date was 15 days ago and we are still getting them in the mail...
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