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Darn mall

I took the kids and good grief there was some side eyeing:

- Little boy walked up to M2 and started smacking her hands.  Parent nowhere to be found.  She yelled at him.

- Mall cops brough back a kid to mom who was playing on some gadget.  Twice.

- Kid walked up to M2 and started yelling in her face.  She was sitting next to me looked at me, looked at kid, and started giving it back to kid.

- Kid started giving M2 trouble.  6let got between M2 and kid, put his hands on his hips and stared down kid.

- 6let picked up an adorable blonde.  No wonder he wanted to go there.

- Random kid spent the whole time tossing his sock on the little rope thingy around the stroller corral outside the play area.  He was funny.

Re: Darn mall

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    Was this all at the mall play area?

    I sometimes wish our mall had a play area, particularly during holiday shopping so A can get a break from sitting. He's pretty good, but he always asks for "OUT!".
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    Yes it was all in the play area.  When we were in BFE I used to hope there would be at least one other person there.  Now I wish there was nobody.
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    I know the feeling. I feel like that at some of the play places. And I also felt like that while pumpkin picking on Sunday.
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    DG1DG1 member
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    Our far-away mall has a play area that we tried out for the first time this weekend. It was B O R I N G. Clearly for littler kids, though my kids were definitely not the oldest ones there. 

    I was bummed. 

    On the plus side, H got his new phone, and we ate at a restaurant and the boys actually ATE. Pretty rare these days.

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