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Tell me if I'm being a pain in the tail

Sorry for the wonky text.  I'm C&Ping from an e-mail I sent to a friend.  

This party/fundraiser I’m helping to plan for my local public radio station needs a name.   It’s celebrating their 40th year.  We have a band booked that plays funk music covers so we decided at the meeting that we should play up that aspect since funk was popular 40 years ago.  People can wear clothes from 40 years ago if they want, but not necessary.  There is one woman in the group who can’t seem to remember that disco isn’t the same as funk.  She suggested that we name the event “Stayin’ Alive.”  Everyone but me replied saying that they love that name.  The same woman also mentioned that the dance studio (think little girls in tutus and tap shoes) has some “70’s decorations” that we could use.  You know  that those are disco balls and peace symbols.  So I replied with a reminder that Stayin’ Alive came out 34 years ago, not 40, and that disco is not our theme.  I am trying to keep this thing from getting too cheesy and also stay true to the 40 year anniversary thing.  It’s strange that I’m the only person in the group under 40 and also the only one that seems to care about this detail.  They are the ones that lived through disco.


I just a friendly gal looking for options.

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